Krissy Kyung Extra Short Skirt During Her Extra Busy Day


Here’s a lil surprise for your weekend pleasure. Our Favorite Tranny Cock-Slut Krissy Kyung showing off that hot lil Tranny Ass for all to see. Having her Cute Tranny Cock Locked-up nice and tight in her Cock-Cage this lil Slut can only hope and dream her Daddy shows up pretty soon to release her for a lil PlayTime.

Here’s a lil behind the scene info for you to think about as you’re enjoying our lil Cum-Dump Krissy! During this day Krissy not only created this Gallery for her site members but she also informed them that she went on a date in this outfit too. It’s those type of tidbits that Krissy teases her members with… If you think about it, first at the Rest Area to snap some pictures all locked up. A little later in the back of her new car Krissy creates a Fucking Hot Video where she has her Tranny Ass sticking out the hatchback for anyone to walkup and give it a playful lil “Smack”.

While talking into the camera she speaks about how she really would like a few hard cocks to fuck her silly as you watch. It turns her on so much you can see the pre-cum dripping from her cute tranny cock. In the Vlog later that night (after the date) you can tell she enjoyed her day & date too. With her lipstick smeared Krissy goes on to show her members a lil more of this outfit. Bending over at one point, looking back over her shoulder and seeing her balls are visible for all to see…. Krissy gives a cute lil giggle..

I’m sure the Hard Cock that took her out on the date had a lot of fun and as you piece together all the hints Krissy gives her members you too get to have a Blast….



The Beautiful Holly Parker Walking a Country Mile

 hollyparker6-rd-022 hollyparker6-rd-031 hollyparker6-rd-043 hollyparker6-rd-084 hollyparker6-rd-090 hollyparker6-rd-094


Today on Transsexual Party how about we take a lil stroll with the exotic Holly Parker…?… Holly sure looks like cute country girl as she strolls down the road is her 3 inch heels, short-shorts and cream blouse. It’s the perfect outfit for a day out-and-about while snapping some pictures.

The folks over at SHEMALE YUM really captured the essence during the shoot and with Holly playing in-front of the camera this makes for one of those “Lazy Days” we all long for. Nothing to do, No Bills, No Worry…. Just Sheer Enjoyment!




Brazilian Transsexual Nicolly Sache “Pretty in Pink”


If you’re in the mood for something a lil spicy, may I suggest you enjoy some PlayTime with Brazilian Transsexual Nicolly Sache. Just look at those eyes, Don’t they suck you right in…?… Or, if you prefer how about that Big Sexy Brazilian ASS…?… Whatever catches your eye over at Brazilian Transsexuals  I’m sure Nicolly Sache will be the inspiration for some stroking fun!

It’s your Naughty Fun!

When Nicolly Sache starts to play for the camera you can’t help but catch each nuance for every picture (And Video). Biting her lower lip, cupping her lovely balls, looking Right-At-You with those eyes… Yea, This is going to be fun… As Nicolly Sache grabs that Sexy Tranny Cock I’m sure you’ll be reaching down grabbing yours too. Maybe follow along as you enjoy the slide-show.

Like I said…. It’s your Naughty Fun!




Transsexual Brooke Zanell In Her LBD!


Transsexual Goddess Brooke Zanell for your viewing pleasure!


What is it with a LBD…?… Now having Brooke Zanell in a LBD with her Blond Hair, those perfect long sexy legs, that perfect body…. Just PERFECT!


Brooke Zanell  Shows us why she’s so popular over at SHEMALE YUM. Her playful way in front of the camera has a way to bring us all right into the action. The look over the shoulder with those bedroom eyes. The playful way she “Plays” with Her Tranny Cock touching, feeling, stroking away. It’s like she’s putting on a show with you and only you in the room! She has it all folks and I’m sure you’ll have a Blast with this lil Hottie!

Let Brooke Show you the FREE SMY TOUR!

Let Brooke Show you the FREE SMY TOUR!

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Transsexual Beth Bell Opens Up Her Soft Smooth Legs Just 4 U!


Now here’s a lil Cutiepie that enjoys taking care of her partner… Yup, Beth Bell is the type that just LOVES caring for your wants & needs! Of course she’ll appreciate it if you reach down and stroke her Sexy Tranny Cock too…


Sitting so pretty, judging by the outfit Beth Bell is ready/willing/and able to be your Tranny Slut for the day! Her hot lil Ass and those cute Nipples. Yea, Take this Tranny Slut and have your way with her…. It’s Okay, She’ll enjoy every-bit!


beth_bell1070Think of all the fun you can have with Beth Bell!

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Click here for the FREE TOUR!

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Transsexual Amira Garcia Taking a Coffee Break!


Now here’s a cup of coffee that I’m sure all of us will enjoy!


The ultra hot and oh so sexy Transsexual Amira Garcia knows how to heat things up in the kitchen, bedroom, back seat of the car! I’m pretty sure wherever this lil Hottie is, things begin to boil over. I mean com’on! Look at dat ASS!


Moving things into the bedroom is where you’ll find out just how flexible Transsexual Amira Garcia truly is!



That Perfect Tranny Ass, Those lil cute Titties, and of course that Sexy Tranny Cock & so fucking cute Tranny Balls too! Yea, This fucking lil Slut just loves to take care of you! Just treat like the Tranny Whore you’ve always wanted!

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Click here for the FREE TOUR!

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Transsexual Lillith Lovett In Her Bedroom…. Waiting For You!


Once again SHEMALE YUM knocks in out of the park with this set featuring the erotic Transsexual Lillith Lovett !


With this lil beauty on the bed do you really need your supper…?… Just look at that skin! So soft too the touch. How about running your hands up and down those smooth legs…?… Yea, Now you’re forgetting about your day at the job… Now, you’re thinking about just yourself and the time you get to spend with Transsexual Lillith Lovett!













Taking out your “Good-Times” making your way over to the bed, Lillith Lovett playfully bites her lower lip. I’ve been waiting for you all-day-long, she says…


Just think of all the fun you’ll have being a member of SHEMALE YUM!

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Click here for a FREE TOUR!

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Transsexual Lohanna Finnathelly Shows Us Just How Hard She Can Get!


How about we “Spice” things up a lil…?…


The “Extra Spicy” TRANSSEXUAL LOHANNA FINNATHELLY with her Hot Pink Gloves & Ankle Accessories I’m sure will bring out the Naughty in all of us!




Of course keeping her black High Heels on like a Good Tranny-Slut should TRANSSEXUAL LOHANNA FINNATHELLY looks like she’s ready for you… Are you really going to keep her waiting…?…

Smack that ASS for a FREE TOUR!

Smack that ASS for a FREE TOUR!

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Transsexual-Party Presents Ladyboy “Sky” In Her Extra Short… Shorts!


Now, Here’s a lil Cutie that I’m sure will get your blood pumping… Or maybe your hand pumping something too!


Super Hot TRANSSEXUAL SKY is ready for some Fun. Wearing her extra,extra short… Shorts you get to see everything this lil Fuck-Slut has to offer!




As TRANSSEXUAL SKY sits back on the couch, that hard Tranny Cock begs for attention! On your mark, get set…. GO!


Or maybe you would like “Sky” to keep her lil Short Shorts on…?… It truly is up-to-you!



I’m sure you’ll find lots of fun things to do once you become a member of LADYBOY XXX.

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Insert here for the FREE TOUR!

Sexy Sissy Kimber Haven In Her Short Sissy Skirt!


Just think about all the fun you can have with TRANSSEXUAL KIMBER HAVEN!


With her sexy lil cock tucked into her tiny lil panties this lil Sissy slut wants to play! Hell, I bet if you wanted to TRANSSEXUAL KIMBER HAVEN would just LOVE to have her lil cock and balls all caged up nice and tight! No playing for our lil sissy girl until (You) decide!




Go have some fun with this lil Sissy over at SHEMALE XXX.

She's Waiting for you at SheMale XXX

She’s Waiting for you at SheMale XXX

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