Super Model Lianna Lawson – Used & Abused by Goddess Tangent Part 1

Photographed by: Bob

Featuring: Goddess Tangent & Lianna Lawson

Hello world and welcome once again to your Grooby Girls connection. Now up over at BOB’S TGirls something that’s pretty special…. Let me just post what our man Bob had to say….

I’ve been wanting to do a BDSM oriented shoot with Goddess Tangent and one of our models for the past few years. It finally happened. I’ve personally been a fan of Goddess Tangent for a while and even bought clips from her store. Her photos and videos (as hot as they are) don’t tell the whole story. She is a truly amazing and wonderful person as well as a great domme. If you are of the mind to see a pro dominatrix I recommend her. You can learn more at

In the scene, Goddess Tangent uses and abuses Lianna Lawson in a variety of ways. It was pretty amazing to watch. I don’t think I could have taken all that Tangent dished out. But Lianna did and loved it.

The scene starts off with Goddess Tangent getting Lianna into bondage. That follows with some nasty nipple torture. Goddess also loves spitting and there is plenty of that throughout both parts of this scene. Lianna swallows it all like a good slave.

Join Lianna Lawson & Goddess Tangent Over at Bob’s TGirls – Hold on Tight!

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