TGirl Super Model Ella Hollywood Is Taking The World By Storm~

Photographed by: Bob

Some Really Great Shot’s Of Ella’s Sexy lil Feet & Cute Toe’s In This Set~

Featuring: Ella Hollywood

Hello World – I’m calling it, Super Star Ella Hollywood is taking the world by storm! She’s making the rounds and let’s all do our part to support her career and enjoy this rising star! Now up over at BOB’S TGirls Ella & The TGirl Cock Pump! For this set (the way Bob explained it) – Ella Hollywood was going to do dildo play for this set. But during idle conversation, I mentioned the penis pump. She said she wanted to try that instead. I noticed I have shot a few penis pump scenes recently, but it’s purely coincidental. Or maybe I have subconsciously gotten more into shooting that lately. Maybe a bit of both……

Join Ella Hollywood Over At Bob’s TGirls & Have Yourself A Blast~

Ella Does Seem To Have A Ball With The Cock Pump… Click $ Support~

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