It’s A Transsexual-Party Staring Canada TGoddess Nikki Kittens And Mr. Chad Evans!

Filmed by: Vito

Featuring: Nikki Kittens

Hello and welcome back to your Tranny Blog where it’s all about Sex – Beauty – And Admiring these Erotic Models as they prance around the room in their super short outfits where those cute lil TGirl cocks peek out from underneath! Today let’s all take out our Hard Daddy Cocks for One of Canada’s finest! Of course I’m talking about Transsexual Porn Superstar Nikki Kittens !

Folks, this lil hottie knows how to play in front of the camera and when Our Man On The Street: Vito teams up Nikki & the local Hard Cock Mr. Chad Evans ….. Well, all I can say is, Sparks Fly over at CANADA TGIRL ! Nikki Kittens does that Porn-Thing (She’s so good at it) and prances around the room showing off her hot – tight lil body and when sparks & cum start flying it’s all captured on film for your enjoyment!

Down To The Fucking Balls – Yea Baby~

Join Nikki Kittens Over At Canada TGirl And Let Your Cum Fly Too!

Be Sure To Give The Fun Bits A lil Click And Enjoy The FREE Site Tour~ Nikki Is So Fucking Hot – Don’t You Think ?


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