Kiersten Bunnz & Misty Summers Enjoying A Lil Transsexual Party!

These two Beautiful Tgirl Pornstars Kiersten Bunnz & Misty Summers sure looks like they’re enjoying each other in this new set & video now up over at FEMOUT XXX. Of course when a pair of Hot SheMales get together one can only guess at all the Kinky Fun they will have. Budding Tits, Smooth Hot Ass, and of course a pair a sexy Tranny Cocks. Think of the fun YOU can have watching these two go at it!

When Kiersten Bunnz takes control of the action Misty Summers makes sure to follow her every command! Misty is looking pretty cute down on her knees with Kiersten’s big, hard cock in her hands, don’t you think? I love the lipstick that Kiersten has on and I’m sure Misty is having the time of her life kissing those Perfect Painted Lips! Between all the sucking and kissing the next logical step would be if Kiersten takes Misty and Fucks her like the lil Bitch she is. Yup, that happens too! Watch Kiersten Bunnz’s eye’s roll in the back of her head and she Slams her Shemale Cock into Misty’s waiting ass!



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