Krissy Kyung Extra Short Skirt During Her Extra Busy Day


Here’s a lil surprise for your weekend pleasure. Our Favorite Tranny Cock-Slut Krissy Kyung showing off that hot lil Tranny Ass for all to see. Having her Cute Tranny Cock Locked-up nice and tight in her Cock-Cage this lil Slut can only hope and dream her Daddy shows up pretty soon to release her for a lil PlayTime.

Here’s a lil behind the scene info for you to think about as you’re enjoying our lil Cum-Dump Krissy! During this day Krissy not only created this Gallery for her site members but she also informed them that she went on a date in this outfit too. It’s those type of tidbits that Krissy teases her members with… If you think about it, first at the Rest Area to snap some pictures all locked up. A little later in the back of her new car Krissy creates a Fucking Hot Video where she has her Tranny Ass sticking out the hatchback for anyone to walkup and give it a playful lil “Smack”.

While talking into the camera she speaks about how she really would like a few hard cocks to fuck her silly as you watch. It turns her on so much you can see the pre-cum dripping from her cute tranny cock. In the Vlog later that night (after the date) you can tell she enjoyed her day & date too. With her lipstick smeared Krissy goes on to show her members a lil more of this outfit. Bending over at one point, looking back over her shoulder and seeing her balls are visible for all to see…. Krissy gives a cute lil giggle..

I’m sure the Hard Cock that took her out on the date had a lot of fun and as you piece together all the hints Krissy gives her members you too get to have a Blast….



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