Transsexual-Party Presents Ladyboy “Sky” In Her Extra Short… Shorts!


Now, Here’s a lil Cutie that I’m sure will get your blood pumping… Or maybe your hand pumping something too!


Super Hot TRANSSEXUAL SKY is ready for some Fun. Wearing her extra,extra short… Shorts you get to see everything this lil Fuck-Slut has to offer!




As TRANSSEXUAL SKY sits back on the couch, that hard Tranny Cock begs for attention! On your mark, get set…. GO!


Or maybe you would like “Sky” to keep her lil Short Shorts on…?… It truly is up-to-you!



I’m sure you’ll find lots of fun things to do once you become a member of LADYBOY XXX.

Insert here for the FREE TOUR!

Insert here for the FREE TOUR!

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